Do you ever worry about what your dog is doing while you are at work, an appointment or out shopping?

Do you worry that your pet is lonely, bored and afraid?

Do you worry that your pet might be chewing up your home, making a mess or annoying your neighbours by barking all day?

Would you prefer your treasured pet to have a day filled with fun and activities?

K9 Pursuits can take away all those worries and provide a fun day for your pet.

We run a safe and proffesional,licensed day care centre for dogs. Your pet will have lots of attention and fun and you get peace of mind that you will return home with a happy and contented pet.

At K9 Pursuits your dog will not be confined to a kennel all day long.  We will provide your treasured pet with lots of educational play and cuddles.

Just think of a children's crèche but with dogs and that's K9 Pursuits Ltd

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K9 Pursuits - a licenced day care and training centre for dogs
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