What if my dog gets tired during the day?

We will be constantly observing the dogs in our care and if any dog is showing signs of tiredness we will put them into a pod where he/she can relax and have a sleep. We also have a chill out area with bedding and bean bags where dogs can go to rest

My dog needs medication during the day will someone be able to give her it at the correct time?

The dogs in our care all have their own individual record sheet where any special needs will be recorded to ensure that medication etc is administered, checked and recorded.

What if my dog was involved in a fight?

Whilst every care is taken, dogs will occasionally have a spat, the staff are qualified to observe, assess and minimise the risk of this happening. If a dog did need to see a vet we have a vet on call for the centre.

Will my dog be trained while in the day care?

Although the dogs will not receive any formal training we will train basic manners to ensure that the dogs do not snatch, jump up, and bark unnecessarily etc this will be ongoing while they are with us.

Do you offer overnight stays?

No we are a day care centre and have no facilities to offer overnight stays. We have found that friends or family are more likely to look after a dog over night if the dog is in day care as they are more likely to settle.

Does my dog need an identification tag?

Yes, by law even if your dog has a tattoo or micro chip he/she still has to wear and identification tag. When the dogs are in the day care centre they will also wear a K9 Pursuits id tag.

Will I be charged extra if I book my dog in from 9am to 4pm and come to pick him up at 4.30pm?

No a full day is from 7am to 6pm so there will be no extra charge unless you pick him up after 6pm.

Do you charge an hourly rate?

No we have kept our costs to a minimum we charge a rate for a full day, a morning or an afternoon. Please contact the centre for our current prices.

If I can not make it on time to pick my dog up, can someone else pick him up for me?

As long as the person has some form of id that you have told us about then this can be arranged, or it can be pre arranged using the information on your record sheet.

Do you offer a grooming service?

We do not offer a grooming service at this time although if the dogs brushes are provided we will make sure they have a brush. We will also make sure that the dog is clean and tidy on your return especially if they have been playing outside or in the digging pit.

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